Muay Thai Pads

If you’re in anyway serious about training make sure you don’t go for the cheapest pair of Muay Thai pads they will last you half the time and won’t give you proper protection. It’s always safest to go with the well known brands as they are made from the best quality leather and have high quality stitching. If you plan on any regular practice the cheaper brands will fall apart in half the time. Muay Thai pads come in a range of different shapes and sizes make sure you have a read of each type to make sure you find which set is best for you.


Traditional (Standard)

These are the most basic and traditional set, they are completely straight which some people prefer however they can take some time to wear in.


Standard (Curved)

The curved shape is more ergonomic, it makes for a really good feel when kicking the pads. They have also designed the seam to be further back which saves your feet from bruising which can happen on the traditional style Muay Thai pads.


Small (curved)

Again the curved design and cleverly placed stitching makes these very comfortable to kick. Being a bit lighter and smaller makes these ideal if you plan on combining a lot of kicks and punches as it is easier to maneuver.



The most comfortable fit with extra padding on the forearm area. Lighter Than the standard and curved models. redesigned foam making them more durable and lighter.


Extra Thick (Curved)

Same as the standard curved with thicker padding giving you more protection but weighing more. you would only use these if you where taking kicks from a very hard kicker.


Fairtex Extra Thick Thai Pads $169.95


Extra Long (curved)

Again these are the same design as the standard but the extra length gives you more protection also if you wanted to train a greater range of area to kick you could do so without moving the pads, however keep in mind these do weigh more which makes it harder for the pad holder to maneuver and wear out quicker over long periods of time.

Fairtex Extra Long Thai Pads $240